Teamstorm, for today's fast-paced projects.

Teamstorm is the world’s first project management and communication suite to take inspiration from
everyday social media usage. This means it’s easy and effective to use and to communicate,
wherever you are, whatever your project.

Why Teamstorm?

TEAMSTORM is a group management and communication application created to help create seamless and coherent operations for project teams. An invaluable tool for any corporate or work environment, TEAMSTORM helps enable people to work more coherently, eliminating miscoordination, and improve mission critical timings crucial for fast paced work places and changing work environments.

Real-time, all-the-time

TEAMSTORM keeps everyone on the same page: On the direction of the set objectives of the project, the process of defining tasks and priorities, to tracking meeting minutes to keeping tabs on project check points. TEAMSTORM keeps them all within reach.
Conversations, considerations and ideas throughout the project are tracked and everyone in the team is informed and updated on all aspects of progress. With the ability to track all conversations and correspondences, teams are able to keep focused on the objective requirements and at the same time make adjustments necessary along the way.

Always at your fingertips

With TEAM STORM, all team members are always well informed like never before keeping everyone's eyes on the ball.